Paintings, Art Classes, Creative Transitional Coach

Carmen will support and guide you to get the results you want to create and live your best life … What would you like to create more of in your life?

  • According to a Huffington post survey, the top 10 things people want more of in their lives is:
    1. Happiness.
    2. Money.
    3. Freedom.
    4. Peace.
    5. joy
    6. Balance.
    7. Fulfillment.
    8. Confidence.
    9. Stability.
    10. Passion . . .

Take a look around, get to know Carmen and learn about the her work in the arts and as a creative transitional life coach.

  • A visual artist – Carmen’s original paintings are for sale. In addition to original art works, I sell affordable limited hand-colored prints by special order.
  • A teacher/mentor – Carmen’s painting classes and workshops are fun, informative and guaranteed to ignite the artist in You. . .
    You will succeed even if you haven’t painted since kindergarten!
  • A life coach – Life is glorious but it is not always easy! When you reach a bump in the road – when Plan A is not working and when your circumstances change, you need the unconditional support and accountability of a qualified caring individual. Sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn the ways you could work together with Carmen.
  • A workshop leader – Carmen’s popular creative workshops are for women who want to take time out to give themselves care. Their daily lives are way too busy, and they want to escape for a bit . . .  Learn about a vacation where participants have fun, relieve stress and become more connected to your creative self.

To “Re-discover your magic” and to participate in any of the above programs,
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