3 Secrets to Success

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.
It’s what we do consistently.” Tony Robbins

You will never have a consistent golf game, write the great American novel, paint a masterpiece, become a fabulous cook or whatever else you desire to do, unless you are totally committed to many hours of practice.

Think Mozart who was considered a genius, but truth be told, he started his music practice at 3 years old and worked at his music intensely for the rest of   his life. 

You can easily get off track by thinking too much rather than actively doing whatever it is you want to accomplish. Thinking doesn’t make anything happen, taking action will.

There is no secret, no easy answer. Whatever you want to achieve will take hard work. There is no way around it. Practice, practice, practice is the name of the game.

Some people excuse their lack of accomplishment by saying they don’t have talent for a sport, an instrument or anything else. This type of thought is a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead one should think of what they would like to attain and work to develop it.

It is said one can achieve anything willing to do the work. Malcolm Gladwell makes the point, “that natural ability requires a huge investment of time in order to be made manifest.”  While Cal Newport says that what makes ridiculously successful people so successful is they’re experts at practicing— they can push themselves to the exact limit of their skillset and thus expand their abilities day after day.

If you’re not expanding yourself in such a fashion, you’ll never be ridiculously successful.

What is it you have not accomplished yet but would like to?

What are the steps you need to put in place

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