Carmen Lund, MFA, ACC

Carmen Lund is a visual artist whose paintings have been exhibited and collected in the US, Asia, South America and Europe. In addition to being a painter, she also teaches painting and is a transitional life coach. The common thread in each of the areas she works in is her creative approach to problem solving on and off the canvas.


  • Masters of Fine Arts in Painting
  • Faculty Member of Silvermine Guild Arts Center School of Art for 20+ years teaching classes and creative workshops
  • Teacher/mentor – private art classes, workshops and critiques
  • Creator of The Big Brush Workshop™ –  an experiential workshop designed in 1998 to unleash creativity in everyone! The workshop has been presented to hundreds of individuals throughout the Northeast, including Yale University, University of New Haven, Silvermine Arts Center, Convent of the Sacred Heart and 3 Play Media
  • Designer for H. G. CASPARI – a paper goods company whose products are distributed in over 40 countries
  • Exhibitions in South America, Europe, Asia and  the United States
  • Recipient of several painting fellowships at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
  • Certified Spiritual Guidance facilitator, The Guild for Spirituality
  • Certified professional and executive coach specializing in creativity, University of Texas Dallas.  

As a mixed media artist, Carmen’s art has always been inspired by the colors, shapes and details of nature. After years of making her own art, she was invited to teach at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, CT.  Carmen loved teaching from her very first class. Her unorthodox approach to teaching was transformative for many of her students. The approach she uses in teaching enables her students to connect to their unique creativity regardless of any past art experience.

In addition to supporting individual students to explore and enrich their expression in their artwork, Carmen has worked with many of her students using their newly found creative confidence to risk new and innovative approaches to create their lives beyond the canvas.

As a life coach, whether a client is interested in art, business, playing music, writing books or making products or any other profession, Carmen has developed a 4 C’s signagure approach which enable her clients the achieve the results they want in their lives.

Contact Carmen by email 203-444-1806