Carribean Art Retreat/Vacation!

Unfortunately, this year’s Caribbean Art Retreat/Vacation for women is on hold due to the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico. We are waiting to schedule our retreat until we get a better idea of how quickly Puerto Rico will be able to rebound from the effects of the storm. Our workshop retreats have been […]

The Art of Seeing Vieques

The Art of Seeing Vieques: A talk at the Historic Trust of Vieques SEE with new eyes! If you want to paint, write, photograph or any other creative activity, first you need to see with your own eyes! January 13, 2017 Free Discover the artist in you. Learn why Seeing is such a positive experience […]

Reach for Success Exhibit

The Art of SEEing classes are presented weekly by Carmen Lund to the youth of Vieques who are members of the the Reach for Success Club. The club was founded by Carmen Portella as a way to support underserved youth on the island. The youth is made up of individuals who desire to move forward […]

Coffee and Creative Mondays

Coffee and Creative Mondays  Join Carmen Lund at The Stand! “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook Get your creativity on! Journey deep into your inner artist!  Learn to create unique artwork while having fun and meeting new friends. The beautiful, natural and colorful setting […]