“You have to color outside the lines once in awhile
if you want to make your life a masterpiece.” Albert Einstein

Are you leading the life you want to live?


Is your life no longer working for you?

One thing each of us can count on, is that throughout life, everyone of us will face times of change and transition. 

These times of uncertainty can be quite difficult and painful. Most of us do not embrace change easily. However, with the proper support and encouragement, difficult times can be a stimulus and opportunity for growth.  It is never too late to live the life you were meant to live!

If you are overwhelmed and stuck, let me support you. Lets work together to create a life you will be excited about waking up to each day.

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Why LEAP! with Carmen?

The main reason you would want to work with me is that during my life, I have experienced most of the challenges you are facing today. I know first hand the frustration and pain your are feeling. I want to “pay it forward” by supporting you as I was supported though times of transition and change.

My Background

I have successfully been leaping from one improbable goal to the next. I have accomplished time and again what everyone told me was impossible.

While it has not always been easy, my creative approach to problem solving and goal setting enabled me to support myself working as an internationally recognized artist and teacher of painting and creativity while raising my three awesome children and furthering my own education. I left off my education as a junior in college and went back to get my bachelors at 40. Once I got back into school, I kept going to get an MFA in painting and several certifications.  I discovered that I love learning and am happy to report that my curiosity is insatiable!

As a life-long artist and certified life and executive coach, I am an expert in supporting individuals to re-discover their innate creativity and unique vision. I encourage each client to explore her inner voice in order to live her very best life. It is a source of great joy and fulfillment for me to be able to help each client design a flourishing life based on her unique experiences, talents and gifts.

Carmen Lund, MFA, ACC

ACC, Certified Life and Executive Coach, University of Texas Dallas

MFA, Masters of Fine Arts, Western Connecticut State University

Faculty of Silvermine School of Art, classes and workshops on painting and creativity

Guild of Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Counseling Certificate

The Big Brush Workshop™, a creative workshop designed by Carmen Lund to promote innovation, powerful thinking and 21st century essential skills.

Art Instructor on Millenium Cruise Ship presenting The Big Brush Workshop™                  

Facilitator for the Yale World Fellows and Inspire Yale

International Art Exhibits including Europe, South America and Asia as well as throughout the United States

Recipient of numerous fellowships for painting at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

Independent study of Positive Psychology and Happiness

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“I am SO thankful to have this “one-of-a-kind mentor in my life.”  Whomever makes the choice to work with Carmen will be changed for the better.                                                                                                                                                                                          Emily Righter, Salzburg, Austria

“Carmen, inspires people to dig deep inside and overcome their fears and obstacles to create the life they only dream about.”
Heather Bathon Furbish, Maryland

“I really appreciate your support and good energy.  Please write a book!
Karina Kaspariints, Russia

“Carmen is talented and inspirational.  These qualities of hers rubs off onto each person lucky enough to have her coaching.”
Johnine Byrne, Shaker Heights, Ohio

“Carmen skills and creative insights are extraordinary. She is an excellent source of encouragement and continual inspiration. One’s quality of life is greatly improved a big result of working with her.”
Conant Sawyer, Mount Kisco, NY

“Carmen has a unique way of encouraging and offering support. She is never judgmental.  In the safe atmosphere she establishes in everyone flourishes.”
Cindy Powell, Westport, CT.

“Carmen’s love of life and enthusiasm is contagious. You feel so much better about yourself and your possibilities after working with her.”                                                                                                                                  Michael Liehabber, PhD., Germany

“I have had such a complete high since working with Carmen. I have been thinking about the joy of  letting go and getting out of my box.”
Sue Collins